Sunday, 13 March 2011

March 2011

4. Look into the mirror. What did you see? Cindy C? Marilyn M? No!!! It is just you, yourself... So, no matter how hard you try to be another person, you'll still be yourself... Appreciate it! - Wee NWK

3. Kita selalu inginkan kesempurnaan dan tanpa cela, tapi adakah kita cukup sempurna untuk mengharapkan kesempurnaan? -Wee NWK

2. If You Make Mistake, I'll Correct You... If I Make Mistake, Help Me To Correct It Because We're Same... We're Human - Wee Nwk

1. You Can Say What You Want To Say, All That Talk You Talk Might Work A Lot... But It's Not Gonna Work Forever - Wee Nwk


Anonymous said...

Bagus ar blog ni...leh motivatekn diri bler rase down...down....down....

Wee Quotes said...

Thanks... Much appreciated!

-Wee Nwk-